Moss Lane Era

1816 - 1876

Moss Lane Station

Moss Lane Engine House built 1816

17th March 1848:

Meeting of Commissioners for improving the town of Godalming:

It was resolved - ''That in every case where the Fire Engines are called into use to extinguish Fires of Property insured, that the Insurance Office are charged 2s, besides the expenses of Engineers an Assistants, and that the Committee in all cases use their utmost endeavours to see that the Engineers and Assistants be properly remunerated for their time and exertions, and that in case of Fires of Property not insured, the Committee are to exercise their discretion as to what charge shall be made.'' The Engine House is in Moss Lane, and the management of the Engines is vested in a committee. Keys are obtained at Messrs Othen's, Colpus's, W. Lindsays, and at the Police Station.


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4th November 1867:

At a Meeting in Godalming it was decided to form a Volunteer Fire Brigade.



Text taken from The Surrey Advertiser 18th. October 1870
found by Historian Clive Downes


October 1870:

A Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed, supported by subscriptions. Superintendent: Mr. F. Holt. Sec: Mr, Jas. Debenham Treasurer: Mr. T. White.

The brigade is under the management of a committee, consisting of two of the Town Commissioners, the Superintendent, Secretary, Treasurer, and three elected members.

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