Bullet Hole

Glock Pistol

In 1994 I took up pistol shooting which I thought would be an ideal pastime. Unfortunately in 1997 an Act of Parliament was brought in which prohibited the ownership & use of all Full Bore Handguns.

We were compensated by the government, but unfortunately this never really covered my initial outlay.

Bullet Hole  
I chose two pistols. Firstly a Semi Automatic Glock 17 9mm & a rather old ex police Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special Revolver, of which I have included photo's.
Smith & Wesson Model 10

Lanber Shotgun

In 2005 I decided to try Clay Pigeon shooting. I purchased a secondhand Lanber 12 bore O/U.

It's not so much fun as pistol shooting but I can at least show that my aim is just as bad with rifles!


My latest interest is black powder shooting & Gallery Rifle. Both of which can be shot on an inside range. I have obtained a .44 caliber Pietta 1860 Army. It's a replica of the original Colt.

1860 Army Pistol


It's a bit of a pain having to load it by hand but at least this type of shooting is still legal...
(at the moment!)


MP5SD Rifle



My third choice was a Heckler & Koch MP5 SD. It's only in .22 calibre & the silencer is fake, thus making the barrel length legal in this country.




Taurus 66

My final choice is this Taurus 66 .38/357 Magnum. I can hear my American visitors laughing! Sadly, to allow me to shoot full bore pistol, I can only own a firearm with a barrel length no shorter than 12" and an overall firearm length no shorter than 24" hence what looks like a surgical appliance bolted to the grip!


.357 Magnum Cartridges