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Photo of Mantas
Manta's South Ari Atoll Maldives


I took up diving in 1985, training with the B.S.A.C. club in Haslemere, Surrey. I spent most of my time diving in the cold waters of the South Coast but eventually progressed to diving abroad. I have dived in a number of tropical places such as Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Florida and the Maldives.

Since then I have rarely dived in this country, being the wimp that I am, it's too damned cold!


Photo of Roy Squires

Photo of Honeycombe Morey Eel
Morey Eel in the Maldives



Whilst diving in Cyprus I was lucky enough to dive on the 12,000 Tonne Roll-on Roll-off ferry the Zenobia.
She sank in 1980 just outside Larnaca Harbour, when it's computer operated ballast system failed, allowing it to flood uncontrollably. She sits on her side at approx. 42 Metres, and is an incredible site with articulated lorries still chained to it's deck.


Zenobia Sinking


Roy Squires exiting one of Zenobia's hatches
Exiting one of Zenobia's hatches